Gregger Botting

Gregger Botting
Chatham, Ontario

While the genres of roots-rock, folk and Americana may be crowded territory these days, it is Gregger Botting’s carefully crafted lyrics and straight-forward delivery that have audiences taking notice. With imagery at the fore and a turn-of-phrase worthy of John Prine, Gregger writes about life, loss and the nostalgia of it all.

A native of Chatham Ontario, Gregger was influenced by both small-town Ontario and the sounds of Detroit FM radio. Motown, blues and classic rock ‘n roll were always present in his youth and inspired a curiosity of music and its history. A love of folk, Americana and roots music soon took hold.

As a teenager, he saved up to buy the Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Vol.1-3 when it came out in the early 90’s. Outtakes of sparse acoustic guitar and a clever lyric were brilliant and telling of where the magic of popular music lies.

Years of life experience later and a move to Petrolia Ontario, Gregger turned up at DNA Media in Sarnia with some 30 songs in hand. From there he has completed and released his 11 song debut album titled Never Saw a Thing Coming. It showcases both a wide variety of genre-weaving sounds and a start to finish cohesiveness in its take on the human experience.